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Friday, 25 April 1997
"On the next Academia Nuts: Ex-senator Bob Dole, musician and comedian Weird Al Yankovic, and Baywatch's Yasmine Bleeth, with guest director Quentin Tarantino, and special appearances by Jackie Chan and C. Everett Koop. Don't miss it!!"
Huw: "Thanks again for coming. I really appreciate it!"
Chris: "If you ever want to do a spinoff movie, just let me know..."
Howard: "Well, I guess it's back to the booth."
Courtney: "C'mon, let's go -- I'm starting to feel sober."
Huw: "Now look, Mr. Rooney, I told you Beering wouldn't be in the strip this week!"
Mickey: "Hey, nobody gives ol' Mickey the shaft!"
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